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The Prevention Center of Excellence (COE) uses evidence-based practices to create learning opportunities that promote trauma and resilience informed environments in Los Angeles  County schools, libraries, mental health settings, and other county systems to create a safer, kinder community.

What We Do/Transforming Los Angeles County

The Prevention Center of Excellence (COE) represents a unique partnership between Los Angeles County's Department of Mental Health (DMH) and UCLA's Division of Population Behavioral Health. It promotes interconnection among county agencies and increases training across systems of care. The COE harnesses extensive expertise from the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, as well as other campus wide partnerships. It builds upon the strengths of research-based evidence, community-developed best practices, and innovative implementation approaches.

The COE emphasizes opportunities for engagement with children, families, and adults in naturally occurring settings such as libraries, schools, parks, and county systems (mental health, justice, child welfare, etc.) to expand the reach of preventive care throughout Los Angeles County's diverse communities. The COE uses evidence-based educational tools to create stigma-free environments, develop employee skills sets and promote the wellbeing of peer and professional service providers.

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We offer training and resources covering:

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Trauma and Resilience Informed Care

Professional Wellbeing

Professional Wellbeing

Early Childhood

Early Childhood

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Positive School Environments

youth and family

Youth and Family Resilience