Emerging From Chaos: Re-Thinking Experiences of Suffering

Emerging From Chaos: Re-Thinking Experiences of Suffering
Nathan Graeser

Nathan Graeser, MDiv, LCSW, DSW

Social Worker and Army Chaplain in the California National Guard

Nathan Graeser is a national expert on policies and programs for supporting service-members transitioning out of the military. He has been featured on NPR, ABC, and numerous other media outlets. A tireless advocate for veteran and military families, he has lead multiple Veteran initiatives in Los Angeles including the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he has also counseled hundreds on the intersection between transition, spirituality, and military culture, building better community policies for veterans who return home from war. He obtained a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, a Masters in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Southern California. He serves on numerous local and national boards and just returned from a deployment with an Infantry Brigade in December 2018. He lives in Highland Park in a eco-friendly house with chickens, bees and three small humans ages five, three, and one. His rock star wife, Rachel, makes it all possible.

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