Clinical Psychologist, EMPWR Program

Dr. Hobson is the first-year LGBTQ Youth Trauma, Resilience and Community Education Post-doctoral Fellow within the Division of Population Behavioral Health. She provides LGBTQ-affirming care to youth, young adults, and their families and also supervises advanced trainees on the provision of clinical care through the EMPWR program.

Dr. Hobson received her PsyD/Med in clinical psychology with specialization in human sexuality from Widener University at the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology and Center for Human Sexuality Studies. As a researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), she investigates how medical care impacts transgender and gender expansive youth and their families’ mental health, quality of life, and patient satisfaction.  Dr. Hobson’s clinical training is focused in child, adolescent, and family therapy, school psychology and psychoeducational assessment. Dr. Hobson has experience treatment individuals across the lifespan with presenting concerns that include depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, behavior problems, interpersonal problems, difficult transitions, sexuality-related (SOGI, sex dysfunction, etc.) concerns. She uses an integrative approach in therapy, drawing primarily from cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT), relational psychotherapy, feminist therapy, and trauma-informed care (TIC). Dr. Hobson believes in creative a therapeutic environment that is warm, collaborative, empowering, and validating of the client’s experiences.