DPBH faculty member, Dr. Blanca Orellana recognized with 2023 Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Psychologists

Under the leadership of Dr. Blanca Orellana, the UCLA STAR training program was awarded the 2023 Distinguished Contributions to the Education and Training of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Psychologists Award from the American Psychological Association. The program provides clinical training in evidence-based, trauma-informed evaluation and intervention for psychologists who wish to work with children and families exposed to trauma and stress. Over the course of the year, STAR trainees provide a wide range of services to families that include consultation, evaluation, and individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Dr. Orellana has grown the STAR traineeship to serve over 20 psychology interns, psychology postdoctoral fellows, practicum students, psychiatry fellows, and pediatric residents each year.

Dr. Orellana leads a team of attending psychologists that support our STAR trainees in developing the competencies needed to become a licensed psychologist. They are Agustina Bertone, Catherine Mogil, Janine Shelby, Jessica O’Leary, Lauren Marlotte, Liz Ollen, Nastassia Hajal and Nicole Hisaka.  

NEW Publication from Division Faculty and Staff on Behavioral Health Skills Training for Families of Space Travelers

A new article published in Space Policy explores the application of behavioral health skills training, including the FOCUS model, for families of space travelers. The article was authored by Dr. Brenda Bursch, Dr. Patricia D. Walshaw, Dr. Catherine Mogil, Tom Babyan, LCSW, and Dr. Patricia Lester. Access the article online at

Dr. Blanca Orellana Featured in DGSOM Article

In a recent article from UCLA Medical School, professor Blanca Orellana, PhD, explained what we need to know about post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through her own experiences as a young child and her thorough studies, Orellana has dedicated many years to helping others heal from similar trauma that she experienced. Orellana shared her expertise of PTSD and the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment throughout this substantial article. Visit to access the full article.