Community Partners

Our team-based, experiential professional development programs provide opportunities for administrators and staff to strengthen collaborative relationships with the goal of reducing work-related stress, enhancing peer support, and promoting workforce wellbeing, while also improving trauma-informed care practice.

Our programs support the practice of skills that enhance professional and personal growth.

If possible, we encourage the participation of multiple staff members from the same agency. Participating in SEEDS programs together gives staff members a common language and set of skills to draw upon.

Our programs are accessible to professionals of diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Connecting through group discussions and playful activities is also a highly effective way to break down barriers and build connections among staff from different backgrounds and life experiences.

SEEDS programs have been implemented in collaboration with many partners, including Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Care.

Pre-/post-program evaluation data indicate that SEEDS program participants gain knowledge about early childhood trauma-informed care practices. Post-training surveys also yield high impact, quality of instruction, and satisfaction ratings.

We are currently offering Sprouts Professional Development Program and Sprouts Facilitator Training. Participating in both of these trainings prepare professionals to implement Sprouts in the community with a professional/provider audience or a parent/caregiver audience.

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