Parents & Caregivers

SEEDS programs are designed for parents and caregivers with young children (ages birth to 8 years old). Our programs promote parents’ and caregivers’ ability to build supportive, nurturing relationships with their children and promote their children’s development of self-regulation skills.

These self-regulation skills are foundational to young children’s readiness to learn.

Our programs offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to reflect on their own feelings and thoughts, and to practice developing their own self-regulation skills. We also emphasize building home-school connections and strong partnerships with the early childhood professionals in their children’s lives.

Our current program offerings include:
Sprouts for Parents and Caregivers
This 6-session parent and caregiver program is adapted from and highly coordinated with Sprouts Professional Development Program. The series explores how parents and caregivers can co-regulate with and promote self-regulation in their young child(ren) by recognizing, understanding, and responding to their child’s cues. Sprouts for Parents and Caregivers can be offered in-person or virtually to birth parents, foster/resource and adoptive parents, and kinship caregivers.

If possible, we encourage the participation of multiple caregivers from the same family. Participating in SEEDS programs together gives family members a common language and set of skills to draw upon.

Our programs are accessible to parents and caregivers of diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Connecting through group discussions and playful activities is also a highly effective way to break down barriers and build connections among parents and caregivers from different backgrounds and life experiences.

If you are interested in SEEDS programs for parents and caregivers (either for yourself or for your agency), contact us.