Parents & Caregivers

SEEDS programs help parents and caregivers explore how play can support their child’s readiness-to-learn skills.  Parents and caregivers will learn how to co-regulate with their child to manage behaviors, emotions, and thinking processes.  When parents and caregivers participate in SEEDS, they practice creating special moments with their child to help their child build these vital skills. 

SEEDS promotes parenting skills via in-session and at-home practice, as well as feedback from peers and SEEDS facilitators. 

SEEDS parent and caregiver programs are designed for all different types of caregiving relationships, including moms, dads, grandparents, stepparents, older siblings, aunts, and uncles.  Birth parents, resource families, and kinship caregivers have all participated in SEEDS programs and caregivers are welcome to participate regardless of whether or not their child currently resides in their home. 

SEEDS encourages the participation of multiple caregivers from the same family, if possible.  Participating in SEEDS will give family members a common language and set of skills to draw upon. 

SEEDS is accessible to parents and caregivers of diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds.  Playing together is also a highly effective way to break down barriers and build connections among parents and caregivers from different backgrounds and life experiences.

If you are interested in registering for an upcoming SEEDS program, contact us.