Handouts from Sprouts Professional Development (4-part series)

formerly SEEDS Trauma-Informed Care for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

All handouts are available in English-Español and English-Korean for double-sided printing. The Activity guide is available is English-Español.

handout part 2:

Understanding Cues

Comprender las señales

신호 이해하기

Handout part 3:

Responding in Hot Moments

Responder en momentos de alteración.

핫 모먼트에반응하기 

Handout Part 4:

Responding in Cool Moments

Responder en momentos de tranquilidad

쿨 모먼트에 반응하기


Nature Sensory Connection Activity Guide

Conexión Sensorial De La Naturaleza Guía De Actividades